Mango Candy Dessert!

“Mango Candy!”

In prehistoric eras, people enjoyed the food that was available. Ancient cultures enjoyed the occasional treat of fruits or nuts rolled into honey, because sugar was considered quite expensive at that time. Sugar was manufactured during the middle ages that people began to enjoy more sweets. Even then, desserts where generally reserved for the wealthy at celebrations.

But desserts increased in popularity over the years. Even nowadays, many of us like to eat some desserts’ or sweets’ or even sort of nuts’ etc. And, even in Asian cultures’ desserts are made to serve to their guests as well. Also serve in wedding occasions etc. or on festive occasions, traditional desserts like kheer, gulaab jamun, kheer made of roasted vermicelli, sheer khurma, zarda, feerni, shahi tukray, gajraila, qulfi or ras malai. This is truly called Pakistans’ culture, my culture! 🙂 Surely, I will share all these recipes. In fact, you can check one of these few traditional recipes!

Today I think, I am sharing the simplest recipe ever in my weblog. This is a recipe for mango lovers’ and those who loves desserts! I love this quickest way to make a delicious dessert!

This is a very special recipe for me because this is my best friends’ recipe yeah, I love it!

Only 3 ingredients you need to make this simplest, easiest and quickest recipe is:

  • Mango ½ kg (small cubes)
  • Cream 200 g.
  • Candy Biscuits 1 packet or 126 g. (Crushed)


Take a bowl.

Add first layer of Mango then add second layer of cream and third layer of crushed candy biscuits. Repeat the steps of layering until all finish.

Refrigerate it for an hour.

Serve immediately after this.

Your Yummiest Dessert is ready to serve!

Happy Sharing 🙂


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