Another Mexican Macaroni Salad recipe…

Ingredients that you need is:

  • Red Kidney Beans ½ cup (boiled)
  • Cannellini Beans ½ cup (boiled)
  • Elbow Macaroni ¾ cup (boiled)
  • Green Chilies 4 slit finely chopped
  • Green Bell Pepper 1 medium sized finely chopped
  • Broccoli ¼ cup
  • Tomato 1 medium sized chopped
  • Onion ½ of medium and finely chopped
  • Cucumber 1 medium sized chopped
  • Extra-virgin Olive Oil 4tbs
  • Dried Parsley 1 table spoon
  • Fresh Lemon Juice 2 table spoon
  • Hot Chili Sauce 3tbs
  • White Pepper 1/2 tea spoon
  • Crushed Black Pepper 1/2 tea spoon
  • Mustard Paste 1 tea spoon
  • Salt to taste


In a large bowl, combine Beans, Green Bell Peppers, Macaroni, Tomato, Cucumber, Broccoli, Green Chilies, and Tomato. Mix it well using a spatula.

Now take another small bowl to make dressing.

Add Olive Oil, Fresh Lemon Juice, Hot Chili Sauce, White Pepper, Crushed Black pepper, Mustard paste, Dried Parsley and Salt. Whisk together.

Now Pour this dressing over this delicious salad… And mix well until well combined.

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